Field Rules

Eye Protection
Full Face Protection is required

Full Seal Goggles and Hard Lower | Dye Mask (Paint Ball Mask)

No Climbing Through Windows / Over Barriers
Closed toe shoes required
Keep Running to a light jog.
Mask STAYS ON at all times on the field.
NO LIFTING eye protection from face.
NO Pyro Grenades. CO2 Powered Grenades are allowed (Thunder Bees/Tornados)
Shooting at the ceiling is zero tolerance and can be grounds for Field Ban.
Grenades can not be thrown over walls or in the air.

Personal Equipment is allowed that follows our FPS Rules of Less than 1.4Joules
NO Full Auto. Semi Automatic Only.
No Binary Triggers are permitted.
Overshooting will be penalized.
No Lasers are permitted.
No blind fire.

This sport operated on a basis of respect for one another. Keep all interactions respectful, Physical Fighting will not be tolerated in any capacity as well as blatant misuse of airsoft equipment to cause harm to persons.

This Game is built on the honor system do you part and keep with the honor of airsoft.
If there is a question of trade eliminations the call goes to the static player.